I believe that to really thrive we need to find connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Yoga is an incredible way to bring about this balance and inner-alignment. There are so many amazing benefits to yoga: from feeling physically energised; relief from pain through to mental clarity and emotional resilience.

I offer boutique fully customisable private and corporate packages. Myself and my team teach power vinyasa flow, hatha, yin and restorative yoga. We have a passion for holistic health and wellness and seek to empower students to see the connection between body, mind and soul. Most importantly we seek to enhance students unique journey with authentic and tailored guidance.

Private Yoga:

Traditionally, yoga teachers shared knowledge with students on a one on one basis, teaching yoga asana poses and philosophy when the student was ready. Yoga is most definitely not a 'one size fits all' practise and the best possible way to enhance your growth and practise is through private classes. Everyone has a unique body with various strengths and challenges; every one learns differently and each student is wanting to get something different from their yoga practise.

If you are a beginner to yoga and wanting some clear guidance to set up great foundations for a practice; if you're working with an injury; or you're hoping delve a bit deeper on a particular aspect of your yoga practice, private classes are for you. The class is entirely tailored specifically to you, nurturing your journey to optimum health and wellness. You may use the session one on one or you are welcome to have a partner or friends join in (this can be a really affordable way to practise whilst also getting 

Private classes generally run for 60 minutes, at a rate of $100 per hour at a location that suits in the Northern Beaches (nominal charge for further travel). Discounts are available for five and ten session packs and different class lengths can be arranged.

Corporate Yoga:

We bring fully tailored and customisable Yoga sessions to your workplace - at a time and place that suits your team. We offer everything from the one-off yoga class, to boutique workshop events through to creating programs that enhance your team's work/life balance.

The corporate working world can be one of great stress both physically and mentally. We are seeing people working longer hours, sitting in front of computer screens for much of the day, and staff constantly challenged with current work demands. The negative affects this has on the workforce is becoming more and more alarming. The benefits of yoga are well documented not just for the body but also for the mind and one's overall wellbeing. The Luminous Life can shift your team from feelings of overwhelm, frustration and burnout to calm, focused, and energised within just one class.

Our classes gently help people develop healthier bodies and clearer minds. We have overwhelming feedback that demonstrates an overall improvement in general health and quality of life.  All levels and body types are welcomed and we provide a class to suit everyone in the room, offering different variations and adjustments where needed. 

Give to your team in a meaningful way by supporting their work/life balance and overall wellbeing, in return you will have a dynamic, switched on team ready to contribute back to their team.

Packages start from $125 for an hour session at your workplace and we are more than happy to offer an intro class at 50% off and you see for yourself the immense worth of The Luminous Life in supporting your staff.