Heather’s greatest gift is her infectious optimism; her never-ending belief, faith, love and care for those she comes into contact with and her belief that anything is possible. I would recommend Heather as a coach, facilitator, life inspirer and dream maker to anyone needing some extra spark, direction, passion and support in their life
— Anna Davies - Ubuntu Wellness
Thank you Heather for helping me unblock some of the things that were holding me back. Feeling grounded with a clear sense of direction and a load of creative ideas!. If you are feeling stuck, you have to get in touch with Heather Lynn miracle worker, life coach, yoga teacher, all round cool chick!
— Tess Phillip, Blog With Bliss
I cannot thank Heather enough for the amazing inspiration and insight I gained from our session. Having the opportunity to really unpack where I am at, how I am feeling and identify the roadblocks I need to overcome without the pressure of being told what to do was greatly appreciated. Not only did Heather help unlock the motivation and courage to reassess what is important to me, she also helped me create clear and achievable actions to make it happen
— Chantelle Kohn, Canada